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These groups are peer facilitated groups open to the public. There are no requirements to attend. You can have had experience in a recovery program or not. You may attend these groups and participate, or you can attend and simply observe. Anyone with a desire to grow and find peace may attend these groups. This group is for the individual looking for freedom or relief from persistent disempowering attitudes, compulsive or obsessive patterns of behaviors or feelings of isolation. This is an “Accountability Practice’ group; we use the process of the “Accountability Tree” as outlined in the Intentional Living workbook, to help us identify subconscious obstacles to our wellbeing and to set conscious intentions for the states of being we want. For instance, a sense of inner peace, self-confidence, self-forgiveness, self-love.

The group will offer you information about the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of where you find yourself in your current reality and is designed to offer you the opportunity to find new ways for you to be in this world.

If you answer yes to any of these questions this might be the group for you.

  1. Have you ever hurt someone you love, regretted it, and then did it again, usually in the same way?

  2. Have you ever been in an argument with someone and in the middle of the argument discovered that you were on the wrong side of the argument and found yourself continuing with your argument anyway?

  3. Have you ever been in a situation where you knew what you were about to do you would regret and you heard a little or not so little voice in your head say. ‘Stop, what the hell are you doing’ and you found that you could not or would not stop that behavior?

These groups take the information from the Intentional Living workbook.  The workbook is available on this web site to download free. The groups are also free of charge. Each group is an ongoing weekly group.

If you need any further information please feel free to contact me via my website. Please put ‘Intentional Living’ in the subject line.


In highest regards

John Donovan

Monday Evenings

Rusty Nail


6:30 - 8:30 PST

Mountain Range
Saturday Mornings

Digging in Dirt


8:30am - 10:30am PST

​Workshop Topics


John breaks down the importance and role of accountability in relationships for attendees. He explains how love, of any form, starts with unconditional acceptance. Participants will learn how to examine and account for their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors without judgement. John highlights how group sessions can be an asset in helping clients see those dynamics within themselves often with greater ease than one-on-one counseling.


John focuses on the reasons behind the continuing cycles of substance abuse, self-harm, and violence, despite client conviction and motive to change. John Donovan takes the mystery out of behaviors commonly associated with substance abuse disorders and violence. Education involves identifying and addressing trauma and uncovering untruths in the stories people believe about themselves that lead to self-defeating life patterns.


In these workshops John teaches how to help individuals with substance abuse disorders break down internalized falsehoods and replace these thoughts with a new truth — a truth that empowers clients to live lives characterized by freedom and authenticity. Imagine hearing the words, “You are not broken, and therefore you cannot be fixed.” Powerful, freeing, and ultimately life changing when combined with the philosophy that the key to consistent happiness is the willingness to refrain from judgment of ourselves and everyone else. The reality is that we always get what we want, so the question is whether we want something even better.


The Intentional Living workshops and training offers information about the internal workings of the decision-making process. Participants learn how that process is distorted by misinformation given to us about who we are, i.e. not enough, wrong, bad, stupid, etc., at early ages. This misinformation is internalized and embodied, and the hurt and trauma of childhood is transmitted to the people around us including those we say that we love. By changing the way we look at ourselves, we can finally make real and lasting changes. It begins with finding the root of the cause, rather than obsessing on the affects of the cause. Learn More about Intentional Living



John Donovan shares evidence that supports the link between trauma, addiction, and violence, as well as his experience, encounters and outcomes working with with inmates and addiction clients. He will incorporate experiential learning with exercises he’s created, such as “Love Equals.” Participants will learn how to help individuals with substance abuse disorders break down internalized falsehoods and replace these thoughts with a new truth; a truth that empowers clients to live lives characterized by freedom and authenticity. This workshop is highly interactive.

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